CRPosters130212.jpgApply the highest standards of integrity in dealings with all stakeholders.

Because private equity is such a long-term business, which depends on the trust it receives from its investors and all other stakeholders, integrity is crucial in everything Apax does.

Our Global Business Standards

Apax has developed a series of principles and procedures which it applies globally. It adheres to the same values across its business in all of the countries in which it operates irrespective of whether it is subject to official regulation. These principles inform its interactions with employees, portfolio companies, suppliers, investors and the local communities in which it operates.

The key principles are communicated through regular training and are regularly monitored to ensure that the standards are being adhered to. The main areas of focus are as follows:

Conflicts of interest

Typically, conflicts are managed by obtaining consent, refraining from taking action and by disclosure. There are also policies designed to manage personal conflicts. Each Fund has a Board of Advisers, made up of the major investors in that fund to which potential conflicts can be referred for guidance.


Confidential information received by any Apax Partners representative is treated as such and all reasonable practical steps are taken to restrict access by unauthorised persons. Everyone is required to sign an undertaking reminding them of their obligations on joining the firm and annually thereafter.

Risk management

The responsibility for risk management within Apax Partners rests with the Executive Committee. The overriding culture within the organisation is always to adopt the highest standards in all areas of the business and demand the same from all third parties who perform activities on our behalf.

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